Recent News & Projects

Offshore Service Inspection

12th April 2013

We were asked to visit a site and inspect the systems to offer our services, only this site was in the middle of the Irish Sea.

Aside from the logistical issue, we had to send our engineer on a number of training courses and for a medical. Also there was the issue of making sure our insurance covered the trip.


Getting it Right First Time

15th May 2012

At Power Drive Services we like to get things right first time. The simple fact is that when you do it right first time, you save time and money.

We've recently had a number of examples of this where people and companies have attempted to take actions to resolve a problem and spent a lot more money than if they had called Power Drive Services first.


Service & Maintenance Contracts

15th September 2011

One of our major maintenance contracts is in a large petrochemical refinery with a huge amount of drives and controls.

Feedback, with the first year almost complete, is very positive. The servicing prevented any drives from failing all year and the piece of mind of having an engineer on standby has been invaluable.

Other clients have just had the service contract and found that instances of breakdowns improved dramatically.

Some just have the guaranteed callout, a number of these have been so impressed with our service and how quickly we got production running again that they added servicing to future contracts.


Tank Firing Range

20th July 2011

We built a control system for the moving targets on a military firing range.

Designed to withstand tank and helicopter fire and being pulled over rugged terrain, the inverters had to be high capacity to run the motors.