DC Braking

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What is a DC injection brake & how does it work?

A DC injection unit is an electronic device that provides smooth frictionless braking of ac motors. It doesn't use brake discs or shoes so doesn't wear out or need maintenance.

It creates a DC stationary 0Hz magnetic field in place of the rotating 50Hz field. This brakes the rotor until it's also stationary.

The addition of a DC injection brake to an existing machine can be as simple as replacing the existing starter and fitting a new starter with built-in braking unit.

Safety and machine limitations must be taken in to account. See DC injection braking sizing notes (available on request).

We have a range of units that offer an economical electrical solution to the requirement of motor braking.

DC Braking with DOL Starters

Simple direct-on-line starters that use DC braking every time, ideal for making woodworking machines compatible with PUWER 98.

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DC Braking with Star/Delta Starters

For reducing start-up current on larger motors.

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Emergency Braking with DC Injection Brakes

Emergency stopping unit for use along side existing starters.

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DC Injection Braking Modules only

For integration into existing set-ups. Available for standard braking, emergency braking, and increased brake time.

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All of our units are built and designed in-house, if you can't find what you need we can commission a unit specific to your needs. Please contact us and tell us what you need.

Replacing obsolete Pilz PKB or Thiim EMBA, EMBB & EMPU

Our dc injection unit modules are designed to replace the discontinued Pilz PKB Electronic braking system.
Pilz PKB Electronic brake details.

The Thiim EMBA, EMBB & EMPU electronic DC injection motor brakes have also been discontinued. Our modules have been designed to directly replace these.
Thiim motor brake details.

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