Emergency Braking with DC Injection Brakes

Stand alone emergency braking units, using DC injection braking modules to full stop a machine that would normally coast to a stop under non-critical braking. Fitted along side existing DOL starters and with remote emergency stop. All of these units are designed in-house and built to order, units for any other specifications can be designed on request. See this datasheet for how the unit fits into your existing set-up.

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Specification below:

Model Number Motor Power (kW)* Max. Brake Current
For Three Phase 400V Motors
INJ-H-2K2-EMR 2.2kW 11A
INJ-H-5K5-EMR 5.5kW 25A
INJ-H-11K-EMR 11kW 50A
INJ-H-18K5-EMR 18.5kW 75A
INJ-H-30K-EMR 30kW 120A
INJ-H-55K-EMR 55kW 220A
For Single Phase 230V Motors
INJ-S-1K5-EMR 1.5kW 25A
INJ-S-4K0-EMR 4.0kW 50A
For Three Phase 230V Motors
INJ-L-3K0-EMR 3.0kW 25A
INJ-L-7K5-EMR 7.5kW 50A

*Motor rating is an upper limit

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