Offshore Service Inspection

The simple task of evaluating the drives on a site, to see if we can offer our services, become a little more difficult when the site is in the middle of the Irish Sea.

Aside from the obvious issues of logistics, there are regulations that need to be followed and courses completed before our engineer can go out to an oil rig or other offshore platform.

Prior to going out we had to send our engineer on five days of training for safety on the platform and on the helicopter. He was also required to go for a medical.

Whilst the engineer was getting prepared, we also had to ensure we had the right level of insurance and complete the necessary paperwork to get him registered to go aboard.

Once everything was ready our engineer took a helicopter out to the site and it was a simple case of inspecting the site and equipment as usual, only on this occasion he was given a bunk in the crew's quarters before departing the next day.

We are prepared to send our engineers wherever they are needed and complete the necessary training, paperwork, etc. in order to facilitate that.