Hitachi J100 Service Exchange

We have a selection of refurbished Hitachi J100 drives available for service exchange. Since there are applications that require this specific unit and it is no longer in production, we are working to ensure that there are always good working units on the market.

In the table below, you'll find prices for the various sizes of J100. In addition to the price, you'll just have to send in your existing faulty unit and we'll do our best to supply the identical version. If we don't have the specific version in stock we'll either make sure you get a unit that we be sufficient for your needs or we will repair and service the unit that you send in.

Power Rating Part Numbers Price
Single Phase
0.4kW J100-004SF, J100-004SFE, J100-004SFE2,
J100-004SFE3, J100-004SFE4, J100-004SFE5
0.75kW J100-007SF, J100-007SFE, J100-007SFE2,
J100-007SFE3, J100-007SFE4, J100-007SFE5
1.5kW J100-015SF, J100-015SFE, J100-015SFE2,
J100-015SFE3, J100-015SFE4, J100-015SFE5
2.2kW J100-022SF, J100-022SFE, J100-022SFE2,
J100-022SFE3, J100-022SFE4, J100-022SFE5
Three Phase
1.5kW J100-015HF, J100-015HFE, J100-015HFE2,
J100-015HFE3, J100-015HFE4, J100-015HFE5


J100-022HF, J100-022HFE, J100-022HFE2,
J100-022HFE3, J100-022HFE4, J100-022HFE5
4.0kW J100-040HF, J100-040HFE, J100-040HFE2,
J100-040HFE3, J100-040HFE4, J100-040HFE5

Due to the nature of the service exchange you'll need to contact us to check if we have the specfic unit to suit you.

If you can't wait for your J100 to reach us before we despatch a serviced unit, you can arrange a returnable deposit that will let us get a good working J100 out to you as soon as possible.

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