Huge Savings on RFI Filters

We have a large quantity of RFI filters available from stock. These filters are suitable for use with any size of drive; single or three phase, from the very smallest compact drives all the way up to massive high capacity units.

The majority of these pieces were originally designed to be mounted in the footprint of specific inverters. Since they are electrically very simple devices, they will be suitable to work with VFDs of any age, from any manufacturer. They just need to be mounted beside the unit in the bookcase configuration.

Some of these units were built with mounting centres that allow for bookcase mounting, however some may require a bracket.

These would be the perfect and budget drives that don't come with filters, or for older units where the original filters have become scarce.

We're offering any of these stocked filters for just £10 per unit!

Contact us with your requirement and we'll be happy to help. If you need a large quantity, we may be able to offer a substantial bulk discount!

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