Fairford PFE Soft Start

The Fairford PFE, for small induction motors. Internally bypassed, 45mm wide, DIN rail mounting ex-works.

Specification and prices below:

Model Number Description Unit Price
PFE-02 5A 2.2kW@400V, 230-460V £159.00
PFE-04 7A 3.0kW@400V, 230-460V £170.00
PFE-06 9A 4.0kW@400V, 230-460V £186.00
PFE-08 12A 5.5kW@400V, 230-460V £203.00
PFE-10 16A 7.5kW@400V, 230-460V £225.00
PFE-12 22A 11kW@400V, 230-460V £251.00
PFE-14 30A 15kW@400V, 230-460V


PFE-16 36A 18.5kW@400V, 230-460V £278.00
PFE-18 41A 22kW@400V, 230-460V £290.00
24V Power Supply (controls up to 3 PFEs) £43.00
Fan Option £30.00
Fuse holders are available on request

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