Fairford DFE Soft Start

The Fairford DFE, ideal for replacing star-delta starters. Reduces electrical surges, mechanical shocks & reduces wiring. 22 - 500 Amps/11 - 280kW internally bypassed.

Specification and prices below:

Model Number Description Unit Price
DFE-02 22A 11kW@400V, 230-460V £362.00
DFE-04 29A 15kW@400V, 230-460V £385.00
DFE-06 41A 22kW@400V, 230-460V £438.00
DFE-08 55A 30kW@400V, 230-460V £489.00
DFE-12 66A 37kW@400V, 230-460V £556.00
DFE-14 80A 45kW@400V, 230-460V £591.00
DFE-16 97A 55kW@400V, 230-460V £629.00
DFE-22 132A 75kW@400V, 230-460V £792.00
DFE-24 160A 90kW@400V, 230-460V £873.00
DFE-26 195A 110kW@400V, 230-460V £960.00
DFE-30 230A 132kW@400V, 230-460V £1,522.00
DFE-32 280A 160kW@400V, 230-460V £1,605.00
DFE-34 350A 200kW@400V, 230-460V £2,410.00
DFE-36 430A 250kW@400V, 230-460V £2,631.00
DFE-38 500A 280kW@400V, 230-460V £2,763.00
100/230Vac - 24Vdc Power Supply for DFE-02 - DFE-26 £43.00
100/230Vac - 24Vdc Power Supply for DFE-30 - DFE-38 £68.00
480Vac - 24Vdc Power Supply for DFE-02 - DFE38 £251.00
Fuse holders are available on request

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