Watt Drive P6000 inverter

The Watt Drive P6000 inverter is a high performance drive for standard three phase AC motors.

We carry the full range of the Watt Drive P6000 inverter from stock, boasting a large stocks of many brands of inverter we can offer alternatives on any that may be unavailable.

Specification and prices below:

Model Number Motor Power Rated Current Unit Price
230V 1ph input
P6000C007SAC 0.75kW


P6000C0015SBC1 1.5kW 7.1A £POA
400V 3ph input
P6000C0007TAC 0.75kW 2.2A £POA
P6000C0015TBC1 1.5kW 4.1A £POA
P6000C0022TCW1 2.2kW 5.7A £POA
P6000C0030TCW1 3.0kW 7.8A £POA
P6000C0040TCW1 4.0kW 10A £POA
P6000C0055TCW1 5.5kW 14A £POA
P6000C0075TDW1 7.5kW 17A £POA
P6000C0110TDW1 11kW 24A £POA
P6000C0150TEW1 15kW 32A £POA
P6000C0220TFW1 22kW 45A £POA
P6000C0300TFW1 30kW 60A £POA
P6000C0370TFW1 37kW 72A £POA
P6000C0450TGW1 45kW 90A £POA
P6000C0550TGW1 55kW 110A £POA
P6000C0750THW1 75kW 143A £POA
P6000C0900THW1 90kW 170A £POA


Inverter Dimensions
Power Rating H (mm) W (mm) D (mm)
Single Phase 230V
0.75kW 250 70 140
1.5kW 275 70 165
Three Phase 400V
0.75kW - 2.2kW 275 70 165
3.0kW - 4.0kW 360 70 240
5.5kW - 7.5kW 360 120 240
11kW - 15kW 370 170 240
22kW - 37kW 382 190 230
45kW - 75kW 581 280 266
90kW 581 280 321

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