Siemens Inverters

We stock a wide range of Siemens inverters and usually have short lead times on any items that may be out of stock.

Please select a range from below:

Older Models

Micromaster comparison:-

Selection Table
  MM420 MM440
Drive Type General Purpose High Performance
Pumps Yes Yes
Fans Yes Yes
Conveyors Yes Yes
Food Processing No No
Access Control No No
Hoists No Yes
Packaging No Yes
Textiles No Yes
Load Characteristics
Constants Yes Yes
Variable Torque Yes Yes
Flux Control Current Yes Yes
Sensorless Vector No Yes
True Vector No Yes
USS Protocol Yes Yes
Profibus Yes Yes
DeviceNet Yes Yes
Digital I/O
Inputs 3 6
Outputs 1 3
Analogue I/O
Inputs 1 x 0-10V 2 x 0-10V
Outputs 1 x 4-20mA 2 x 4-20mA
Overload Yes Yes
Stall Yes Yes
Earth Faults Yes Yes
Short Circuits Yes Yes
Over Temp. Yes Yes

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