Moeller DV5

The Moeller DV5 inverter has now been replaced with the DV51. We still have limited stocks of some of the DV5 models.

Specification and prices below:

Control System Line to Line Sine Wave PWM
Output Frequency Range 0.1 to 400Hz
Frequency Resolution Digital +/-0.01Hz Maximum Frequency. Analogue +/-0.2%
Output Current 120% for 30seconds and 150% for 0.5seconds
Braking Capacitors Included from 110 to 150 sizes - External Resistor Required
DC Injection Braking Programmable Power, Time and Frequency Settings at Start and Stop
Speed Reference Digital Operator, 0-10Vdc, -10 to +10Vdc, 420mA, Potentiometer, RS485 Communications
Multi-stage Speed 16 Programmable Pre-sets
Output Voltage Same as Rated Input + Auto Voltage Regulator (AVR)
Accel/Decel 0.01-3600s linear or S-Curve - 2 Selectable
Input Terminals 6 Total - 5 Programmable from 44 Selections
Output Terminals 2 Programmable from 21 Selections - Relay Volt free Contact
Alarm Relay Change Over Contact - Programmable with 21 Selections
Meter Output Analogue Voltage or Frequency Output for Speed or Load indications only
Protection 19 Functions inc. Earth Fault
Trip History Last 3 trips, total trip log
PID Control Programmable PID Function - 420mA 0-10Vdc Feedback
Enclosure IP20
International Standards UL, C-UL, CE and C-Tick - Complies with EMC and LV Directives


Model Number Motor Power Rated Current Unit Price RFI Filter Model
200-240V 1/3ph input
DV5-322-018 0.2kW 1.6A Contact us
for pricing and
DV5-322-037 0.4kW 2.6A
DV5-322-055 0.55kW 3.0A
DV5-322-075 0.75kW 4.0A FP1012-100
DV5-322-1K1 1.1kW 5.0A
DV5-322-1K5 1.5kW 8.0A FP1024-100
DV5-322-2K2 2.2kW 11A
380-460V 3ph input
DV5-340-037 0.4kW 1.5A Contact us
for pricing and
DV5-340-075 0.75kW 2.5A
DV5-340-1K5 1.5kW 3.8A
DV5-340-2K2 2.2kW 5.5A
DV5-340-3K0 3.0kW 7.8A FP3012-100
DV5-340-4K0 4.0kW 8.6A
DV5-340-5K5 5.5kW 13A FP3022-100
DV5-340-7K5 7.5kW 16A


Inverter Dimensions
Model Number Height (mm) Width (mm) Depth (mm)
Single Phase 230V
DV5-322-025 120 84 93
DV5-322-037 -055 120 84 136
DV5-322-075 -1K1 130 114 136
DV5-322-1K5 180 140 160
DV5-322-2K2 180 140 171
Three Phase 400V
DV5-340-037 130 114 136
DV5-340-075 -1K5 -2K2 130 114 163
DV5-340-3K0 -4K0 180 140 171
DV5-340-5K5 -7K5 257 182 177
Filter Dimensions
Model Number Height (mm) Width (mm) Depth (mm)
Single Phase 230V
F 1007-100 156 84 30
FP1012-100 166 144 30
FP1024-100 220 146 35
Three Phase 400V
FP3007-100 166 114 35
FP3012-100 220 146 35
FP3022-100 305 186 50

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