Moeller DF51, DV51 accessories

Full range of accessories available for the Moeller DF51 & DV51 ranges of inverters. All these accessories are applicable to Hitachi L200 & SJ200, and many are applicable to all inverters.

Moeller DF5, DV5 display for remote mounting

The Moeller DF51 & DV51 have a built in keypad and display, this unit allows remote display of a selection of motor data. Also connects to Hitachi L200 & SJ200 as Hitachi HDM

Applicable Inverters Moeller DF5 & DV5 and Hitachi L100 & SJ100,
also any other brand labels
Display output Frequency, current, direction, PID feedback, I/P terminal
status, O/P terminal status, process speed
Part No. Price
DE5-KEY-R03 Display unit £31.00
DE5-CBL-1M0-ICL 1m connecting cable £12.00
DE5-CBL-3M0-ICL 3m connecting cable £20.00

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