LS iG5A inverter

The iG5A is a powerful & compact sensorless vector control variable frequency drive suitable for standard AC motors.

We carry a range of the iG5A inverter and can offer short lead times or suitable alternatives to any that are out of stock.

Specification and prices below:

  Dimensions (mm)
Height Width Depth
200-240V 1ph input
SV004iG5A-1 0.4kW 2.5A £POA   128 70 130
SV008iG5A-1 0.75kW 5.0A £POA 100
SV015iG5A-1 1.5kW 8.0A £POA 140 155
380-440V 3ph input
SV004iG5A-4 0.4kW 1.25A £POA   128 70 130
SV008iG5A-4 0.75kW 2.5A £POA
SV015iG5A-4 1.5kW 4.0A £POA 100
SV022iG5A-4 2.2kW 6.0A £POA 140 155
SV040iG5A-4 4.0kW 9.0A £POA
SV055iG5A-4 5.5kW 12A £POA 220 180 170
SV075iG5A-4 7.5kW 16A £POA
SV110iG5A-4 11kW 24A £POA 320 235 189.5
SV150iG5A-4 15kW 30A £POA
SV185iG5A-4 18.5kW 39A £POA 410 260 208.5
SV220iG5A-4 22kW 45A £POA
200-240V 3ph input
SV004iG5A-2 0.4kW 2.5A £POA   128 70 130
SV008iG5A-2 0.75kW 5.0A £POA
SV015iG5A-2 1.5kW 8.0A £POA 100
SV022iG5A-2 2.2kW 12A £POA 140 155
SV040iG5A-2 4.0kW 17A £POA
SV055iG5A-2 5.5kW 24A £POA 220 180 170
SV075iG5A-2 7.5kW 32A £POA
SV110iG5A-2 11kW 46A £POA 320 235 189.5
SV150iG5A-2 15kW 60A £POA
SV185iG5A-2 18.5kW 74A £POA 410 260 208.5
SV220iG5A-2 22kW 88A £POA

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