Fuji Frenic-HVAC AR1

The Frenic-HVAC is a range of slim type inverters dedicated to a variety of HVAC applications. Specific functions to manage fan and compressor applications and new energy saving functions are installed as standard.

Specification and prices below:

Input Ratings Voltage/Frequency 380-440VAC at 50Hz, 390-480VAC at 60Hz
Tolerance Voltage:+10 to -15%, Voltage unbalance:2% or less, Frequency:±5%
Output overload capability 110% -1min (Overload tolerated interval: compliant with IEC61800-2)
Frequency Maximum 25-120Hz
Base 25-120Hz
Starting 0.1-60.0Hz
Carrier 0.75-16kHz
Starting Torque 100% or higher, reference frequency 1.0Hz, base frequency 50Hz, with slip compensation and torque boost active
Braking Standard Torque 20% (0.75-22kW), 10-15% (30-710kW)
DC Injection Braking Starting Frequency 0.0-60Hz
Braking Time 0.0-30s
Braking Level 0-60%
Control Method V/f control with slip compensation, dynamic torque vector control
Acceleration/Deceleration Time 0.0-3600s
Multistep Frequency Selectable from 16 steps (step 0-15)
Frequency Setting Control (Analogue Input) 0-10VDC / 0-100% (terminal 12)
4-20mA DC / 0-100%, 0-20mA DC / 0-100% (termincal C1)
Standard Functions
  • 4 PID control
  • Motor Pick up function
  • Customized logic
  • Fliter clogging prevention
  • Real time clock
  • Short-circuit
  • Ground fault
  • Overvoltage
  • Undervoltage
  • Motor overload (PTC)
Enclosure (IEC/EN60529) IP21/IP55 (0.75-90kW), IP00 (110-710kW)
Cooling Method Natural cooling (0.75-2.2kW), Fan cooling (4.0-710kW)
Conformed Standards EC Directive (CE Marking), UL standard (cUL cerification)

The following models are in IP20 enclosure up 90kW, and IP00 from 110kW.

  Dimensions (mm)
Height Width Depth
400V 3ph (110% of rated current for 1min)
FRN0.75AR1M-4E 0.75kW 2.5A £462.50   465 150 262
FRN1.5AR1M-4E 1.5kW 4.1A £537.50
FRN2.2AR1M-4E 2.2kW 5.5A £612.50
FRN4.0AR1M-4E 4.0kW 9.0A £787.50
FRN5.5AR1M-4E 5.5kW 13.5A £875.00
FRN7.5AR1M-4E 7.5kW 18.5A £987.50
FRN11AR1M-4E 11kW 24.5A £1,212.50 585 203
FRN15AR1M-4E 15kW 32A £1,437.50
FRN18.5AR1M-4E 18.5kW 39A £1,687.50
FRN22AR1M-4E 22kW 45A £1,950.00
FRN30AR1M-4E 30kW 60A £2,350.00 645 203
FRN37AR1M-4E 37kW 75A £2,800.00
FRN45AR1M-4E 45kW 91A £3,525.00 736 265 284
FRN55AR1M-4E 55kW 112A £4,137.50
FRN75AR1M-4E 75kW 150A £4,825.00 885 300 368
FRN90AR1M-4E 90kW 176A £5,750.00
FRN110AR1S-4E 110kW 210A £POA 740 530 315
FRN132AR1S-4E 132kW 253A £POA
FRN160AR1S-4E 160kW 304A £POA 1000 360
FRN200AR1S-4E 200kW 377A £POA
FRN220AR1S-4E 220kW 415A £POA 680
FRN280AR1S-4E 280kW 520A £POA
FRN315AR1S-4E 315kW 585A £POA 1400 440
FRN355AR1S-4E 355kW 650A £POA
FRN400AR1S-4E 400kW 740A £POA
FRN500AR1S-4E 500kW 960A £POA 880
FRN630AR1S-4E 630kW 1170A £POA 1550 1000 500
FRN710AR1S-4E 710kW 1370A £POA

The Frenic-HVAC is also available in an IP55 rated enclosure. Prices and specification below.

  Dimensions (mm)
Height Width Depth
400V 3ph (110% of rated current for 1min)
FRN0.75AR1L-4E 0.75kW 2.5A £POA   465 150 262
FRN1.5AR1L-4E 1.5kW 4.1A £POA
FRN2.2AR1L-4E 2.2kW 5.5A £POA
FRN4.0AR1L-4E 4.0kW 9.0A £POA
FRN5.5AR1L-4E 5.5kW 13.5A £POA
FRN7.5AR1L-4E 7.5kW 18.5A £POA
FRN11AR1L-4E 11kW 24.5A £POA 585 203
FRN15AR1L-4E 15kW 32A £POA
FRN18.5AR1L-4E 18.5kW 39A £POA
FRN22AR1L-4E 22kW 45A £POA
FRN30AR1L-4E 30kW 60A £POA 645 203
FRN37AR1L-4E 37kW 75A £POA
FRN45AR1L-4E 45kW 91A £POA 736 265 284
FRN55AR1L-4E 55kW 112A £POA
FRN75AR1L-4E 75kW 150A £POA 885 300 368
FRN90AR1L-4E 90kW 176A £POA

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