Single Phase Line Chokes

Single phase line choke. Connected in the mains supply. This will help to reduce harmonics that are caused when the mains is rectified to create a DC link. They will also reduce the peak currents drawn by the inverter or other device. They also help to protect the input rectifier from some mains problems.

Specification and prices below:

Typical Inverter Power Model Number Description Unit Price
0.25kW, 0.4kW CHO-S-6A0-LINE 5.05mH 1ph 5.8A Contact us
for pricing and
0.55kW, 0.75kW CHO-S-9A0-LINE 3.41mH 1ph 8.6A
1.1kW CHO-S-13A-LINE 2.25mH 1ph 13A
1.5kW CHO-S-18A-LINE 1.63mH 1ph 18A
2.2kW CHO-S-24A-LINE 1.22mH 1ph 24A
3.0kW, 4.0kW CHO-S-35A-LINE 1.46mH 1ph 35A

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