Fairford XFE Soft Start

The Fairford XFE, ideal for replacing star-delta starters. Reduces electrical surges, mechanical shocks & reduces wiring. Features application programmability, optimisation auto set-up, 2 line 32 character alphanumeric display. See this datasheet for information on an efficient way of to connect an XFE.

The XFE has been replaced by the Synergy. We may have some stock available, contact us for pricing and availability, or we can help to select an alternate.

Specification and prices below:

Model Number Current Rating* Unit Price
Continuous Bypassed
XFE-102K 3A 3-5A

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for pricing and






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XFE-104K 6A 6-9A
XFE-106K 7-8A 8-12A
XFE-108K 9-13A 11-18A
XFE-110K 17-19A 20-23A
XFE-112K 21-23A 24-34A
XFE-114K 24-27A 29-40A
XFE-116K 30-33A 35-45A
XFE-118K 28-35A 31-46A
XFE-120K 33-44A 37-51A
XFE-122K 43-46A 51-72A
XFE-124K 54-55A 64-89A
XFE-126K 58-70A 61-85A
XFE-128K 64-77A 67-92A
XFE-130K 73-98A 77-105A
XFE-132K 81-108A 85-117A
XFE-134K 96-128A 101-139A
XFE-136K 106-135A 115-159A
XFE-138K 124-166A 134-186A
XFE-140K 142-190A 156-215A
XFE-202K 164-225A 167-232A
XFE-204K 190-261A 195-270A
XFE-206K 222-314A 230-330A
XFE-208K 235-350A 242-360A
XFE-210K 248-370A 256-390A
XFE-212K 295-440A 305-460A
XFE-302K 420-500A 430-520A
XFE-304K 425-540A 435-562A
XFE-306K 430-630A 442-662A
XFE-308K 530-780A 543-817A
XFE-310K 545-795A 560-825A
XFE-312K 650-850A 665-895A
XFE-314K 727-950A 744-1000A
XFE-316K 812-1060A 830-1115A
XFE-318K 880-1150A 900-1210A
XFE-320K 930-1320A 950-1360A
XFE-322K 950-1400A 970-1430A
XFE-324K 1050-1550A 1075-1580A
XFE-326K 1190-1850A 1225-1998A
C= standard unit with fitted comms card, no keypad Contact us
for pricing and
KC= Standard unit with fitted keypad & comms card
Auxiliary function card (add + to suffix)
Remote keypad and 3m cable

*Current rating differs depending on duty of application

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