Fairford Synergy Soft Start

With a unique combination of features, performance and size, Fairford has redefined the benchmark for soft starter design.

The incorporation of Fairford’s unique iERS technology allows Synergy to deliver unrivalled soft start performance alongside energy saving capability on partially loaded motors.

With product size and cabinet capacity becoming an increasing focus Fairford have developed Synergy to deliver the greatest power to size ratio of any other soft starter.

In addition synergy uses Fairford’s Automatic Setup feature which allows the user to programme the unit to any common application using a simple 4 button process. To keep pace with the modern technology, Synergy removes the need for buttons and uses intuitive touch screen technology.

With built in full motor overload protection as well as full data logging, field serviceable fans, upgradeable firmware and extensive input/output programmability, synergy meets all of the key design criteria.

Specification and prices below:

Power Rating2) Unit
@230V @400V
SGY-101 17A 4kW 7.5kW


SGY-103 22A 5.5kW 11kW £786.00
SGY-105 29A 7.5kW 15kW £815.00
SGY-107 35A 7.5kW 18.5kW £835.00
SGY-109 41A 11kW 22kW £858.00
SGY-111 55A 15kW 30kW £909.00
SGY-113 66A 18.5kW 37kW £972.00
SGY-115 80A 22kW 45kW £1,089.00
SGY-117 100A 30kW 55kW £1,365.00
SGY-201 132A 37kW 75kW £1,497.00
SGY-203 160A 45kW 90kW £1,570.00
SGY-205 195A 55kW 110kW £1,681.00
SGY-301 242A 75kW 132kW £2,311.00
SGY-303 302A 90kW 160kW £2,511.00
SGY-305 361A 110kW 200kW £2,948.00
SGY-307* 430A 132kW 250kW £3,699.00
SGY-309* 500A 150kW 280kW £4,391.00
SGY-401* 610A 200kW 355kW £4,880.00
SGY-403* 722A 220kW 400kW £5,622.00
SGY-501* 850A 280kW 500kW £8,168.00
SGY-503* 960A 315kW 560kW £8,805.00
SGY-505* 1080A 355kW 630kW £9,335.00
SGY-DEMO Synergy Single Phase Demo Unit £425.00
1)The IEC current rating applies for EN 60947-4-2 max rating 195A: AC-53a: 3.5-17: 90-5,
500A: AC-53a: 3.5-17: 90-3, and 1080A: AC-53a: 3.5-17: 60-3
2)Rated operational powers in kW according to IEC 60072-1 (primary series) corresponding
to IEC current rating
*Specify 110V or 230V control voltage
SGY-010 Remote Keypad £268.00
SGY-011 Powered Modbus Splitter £104.00
CBL-026 RJ12 to RJ45 Modbus Splitter £12.00
CBL-014 RJ12 to RJ45 Modbus Adaptor £8.00
CABLE15 RJ45 Cable 3m £8.00
USB-KEY Fairford 2Gb USB Memory Key £10.00
PLS-SYN-005 Single IP20 Finger Guard for SGY-1xx (2pcs required) £7.00
PLS-SGY-009 Single IP20 Finger Guard for SGY-2xx (2pcs required) £7.00
PLS-SGY-061 Terminal Cover Kit SGY-3xx (incl. 6 covers) £206.00
AB6274 Compact Com Ethernet 2 Port £461.00
AB6223 Compact Com Modbus TCP 2 Port £413.00
AB6270 Compact Com ProfiBus £413.00
EC310 Netbiter Ethernet Cloud System £1,538.00
EC350 Netbiter Ethernet + 3G Cloud System £2,069.00
Fuse holders are available on request


Part Number For Use With Holder Fuse


FUSE112S SGY-105 £104.00
FUSE88S SGY-111 £105.00
FUSE89S SGY-115 £113.00
FUSE113S SGY-117 £121.00
FUSE90S SGY-201 £129.00
FUSE73S SGY-203 £155.00
FUSE114S SGY-301 FUSE67S £189.00
FUSE98S SGY-303 £196.00
FUSE44S SGY-305 £205.00
FUSE82S SGY-307 £206.00
FUSE115S SGY-309 £213.00
FUSE94S SGY-401 N/A £247.00
FUSE93S SGY-501 £278.00
Fuse Holders
FUSE66S £97.00
FUSE67S £142.00

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