Yaskawa 616 P5, 616 PC5Inverter

The Yaskawa varispeed 616 P5/PC5 inverter drive has become obsolete. However, we carry a full range of the Yaskawa replacements in stock.

The Yaskawa A1000 range offers an alternative to the 616 P5/PC5 range.

Alternatively we can offer a repair service for your P5/PC5.

Specification and prices below:

Model Number Motor Power Rated Current Unit Price
400V three phase input
CIMR-P5C40P41A 0.4/0.55kW 1.8A no longer
see the A1000
CIMR-P5C40P71A 0.75/1.1kW 3.4A
CIMR-P5C41P51A 1.5kW 4.8A
CIMR-P5C42P21A 2.2kW 6.2A
CIMR-P5C43P71A 3.0kW 8.0A
CIMR-P5C43P01A 3.7kW 11A
CIMR-P5C45P51A 5.5kW 14A
CIMR-P5C47P51A 7.5kW 18A
CIMR-P5C40111A 11kW 27A
CIMR-P5C40151A 15kW 34A
CIMR-P5C40180A 18.5kW 41A
CIMR-P5C40220A 22kW 52A
CIMR-P5C40300A 30kW 65A
CIMR-P5C40370A 37kW 80A
CIMR-P5C40450A 45kW 96A
CIMR-P5C40550A 55kW 128A
CIMR-P5C40750A 75kW 165A
CIMR-P5C41100A 110kW 224A
CIMR-P5C41600A 160kW 302A
CIMR-P5C41850A 185kW 340A
CIMR-P5C42200A 220kW 450A
CIMR-P5C43000A 300kW 605A

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