Yaskawa A1000

The A1000 range are high performance, multifunction drives for standard AC motors.

Specification and prices below:

Control System V/f Control, V/f Control with PG, Open Loop Vector Control, Closed Loop Vector Control, Open Loop Vector for PM, Closed Loop Vector for PM Advanced Open Loop for PM
Output Frequency Range 0.01 to 400Hz
Frequency Resolution Digital 0.1Hz - Analogue 0.03Hz/60Hz (11bit)
Starting Torque 150%/3Hz (V/f Control and V/f Control with PG), 200%/0.3Hz (Open Loop Vector Control), 200%/0r/min (Closed Loop Vector Control, Open Loop Vector for PM and Advanced Open Loop for PM), 100%/5% speed (Open Loop Vector Control for PM)
Accel/Decel 0.00 to 6000.0s (4 selectable combinations of settings)
Protection 11 Functions
Enclosure IP00 open-chassis, IP20, NEMA Type 1 enclosure
International Standards EN954-1 safe category 3 stop category 0; EN ISO 13849-1; IEC EN 61508 SiL2


Motor Power Rated Current Unit
(Heavy/Light Duty) Height Width Depth
380-400V 3ph input
CIMR-AC4A0002FAA 0.4/0.75kW 1.8/2.1A £POA 260 140 147
CIMR-AC4A0004FAA 0.75/1.5kW 3.4/4.1A
CIMR-AC4A0005FAA 1.5/2.2kW 4.8/5.4A
CIMR-AC4A0007FAA 2.2/3.0kW 5.5/6.9A 164
CIMR-AC4A0009FAA 3.0/3.7kW 7.2/8.8A
CIMR-AC4A0011FAA 4.0/5.5kW 9.2/11.1A
CIMR-AC4A0018FAA 5.5/7.5kW 14.8/17.5A 167
CIMR-AC4A0023FAA 7.5/11kW 18/23A
CIMR-AC4A0031FAA 11/15kW 24/31A 300 180
CIMR-AC4A0038FAA 15/18.5kW 31/38A 187
CIMR-AC4A0044FAA 18.5/22kW 39/44A 350 220 197
CIMR-AC4A0058AAA 22/30kW 45/58A 400 250 258
CIMR-AC4A0072AAA 30/37kW 60/72A 450 275
CIMR-AC4A0088AAA 37/45kW 75/88A 510 325
CIMR-AC4A0103AAA 45/55kW 91/103A
CIMR-AC4A0139AAA 55/75kW 112/139A 283
CIMR-AC4A0165AAA 75/90kW 150/165A
CIMR-AC4A0208AAA 90/110kW 180/208A 705 450 330
CIMR-AC4A0250AAA 110/132kW 216/250A 800 500 350
CIMR-AC4A0296AAA 132/160kW 260/296A
CIMR-AC4A0362AAA 160/185kW 304/362A
CIMR-AC4A0414AAA 185/220kW 370/414A 950 370
CIMR-AC4A0515AAA 220/250kW 450/515A 1140 670
CIMR-AC4A0675AAA 315/355kW 605/675A

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