Second Hand & Clearance Inverters

We have a selection of used, ex-demo and clearance inverters. When they become available we offer them at very competitive prices. All inverters are offered with instruction manuals, technical support and warranty.

In addition to the refurbished/older units below, we also offer service exchange on Hitachi J100 IGBT inverters.

Make & Model

Power Price Qty Condition
Three Phase 220-240V
Omron OMR-3G3XV-A2022
(Yaskawa CIMR-PC322P2)
2.2kW £150.00 1 second hand
Telecanique ATV12HU22M3 2.2kW £150.00 1 second hand
Hyundai N100-037LF 3.7kW £300.00 1 second hand
Hitachi L100-037LFU 4.0kW £375.00 1 boxed old stock
LG SV055iS5-2NU 5.5kW £475.00 1 boxed old stock
Hitachi J300-550LF5 55kW £1,750.00 1 second hand
Three Phase 380-460V
Vacon SV9000 CN0.75CXS4G2I1 1.1kW £150.00 1 second hand
Siemens Micromaster 440 6SE6440-2UD21-1AA1 1.1kW £150.00 2 second hand
Yaskawa Mini J7 CIMR-J7AC40P7
(Omron 3G3JV-A4007)
1.5kW £150.00 1 second hand
Control Techniques PIV U1T-1.50/400 Special 1.5kW £150.00 1 new, not boxed
Teco E2 Minicon 471986451953
(GE VAT20 U20X1K5S)
1.5kW £150.00 1 second hand
Hitachi J100-015HFE5 1.5kW £710.00 1 boxed old stock
Hitachi J100-022HFE5 2.2kW £835.00 5 boxed old stock
Eaton Moeller M-Max MMX34AA5D6F0-0 2.2kW £250.00 1 second hand
Fuji Frenic Mini FRN2.2C1E-4E 2.2kW £400.00 1 second hand
ABB ACS301-2P7-3 2.2kW £350.00 1 second hand
Teco Speecon 7300CV JNTHBGBA0003BE-UF 2.2kW £300.00 1 second hand
Moeller Optidrive OD-240220-MEL 2.2kW £250.00 1 second hand
Moeller DV51-340-3K0
(Hitachi SJ200-030HFE)
3.0kW £300.00 2 second hand
Telemecanique Altivar 5 ATV45U30 3.0kW £300.00 1 second hand
Hitachi J300-037HF5 IGBT Inverter 4.0kW £450.00 1 boxed old stock
Hitachi J500-037HF IGBT Inverter 4.0kW £450.00 1 boxed old stock
Allen Bradley Powerflex 40 22B-D010N104 4.0kW £400.00 1 second hand
Eurotherm 605/040/400/3/F/0100/UK/000 4.0kW £400.00 1 second hand
LG LS SV040iG5-4 4.0kW £400.00 1 second hand
PIV Eldutronik P20-5.5/400 5.5kW £375.00 1 second hand
LG LS SV055iS5-4NO 5.5kW £350.00 2 second hand
Hyundai N100-055HF N100plus 5.5kW £400.00 1 second hand
Hitachi HFC-VWA-8HFE Transistor Inverter 5.5kW £375.00 1 second hand
Danfoss VLT FC-102P11RT4E55H3
(In an IP55 Enclosure)
5.5kW £550.00 1 second hand
WEG CFW 08 5.5kW £375.00 1 second hand
Control Techniques Commander SE
SE33400750 SE 11 T
7.5kW £475.00 1 second hand
Vectron 400 001 018 (VCB 400-018) 7.5kW £550.00 1 second hand
IMO Jaguar CD750 7.5kW £550.00 1 second hand
Vacon NXS NXS00225A25H1SSSA1A20000 7.5/11kW £600.00 3 second hand
SEW Eurodrive Movidrive MDX61B0075-5A3-4-OT 7.5kW £1,000.00 1 second hand
Telemecanique ATV61WD11N4
(In an IP54 Enclosure)
11kW £1,000.00 4 second hand
Danfoss VLT FC-102P11RT4E55H3
(In an IP55 Enclosure)
11kW £1,000.00 1 second hand
Honeywell Excel VRL CDV1100 11kW £700.00 1 second hand
Siemens Micromaster 440 6SE6440-2AD31-1CA1 11kW £700.00 1 second hand
Elin ELVOvert SX 400/11C15P
(Hitachi J300-110HFE)
11kW £700.00 1 second hand
Lenze EVF8222-E 15kW £900.00 1 second hand
Hitachi L300P-220HFE
(Moeller DF6-340-22K)
22kW £1,200.00 1 second hand
Hitachi J300-220HFE4 22kW £1,200.00 1 second hand
IMO Jaguar VXM2200LE
(Fuji FRN22G11S-4LE)
22kW £1,100.00 1 second hand
IMO Jaguar VL2200 22kW £1,000.00 1 second hand
Siemens MicroMaster Eco IP56 6SE9524-3DS55 22kW £1,250.00 1 second hand
Hitachi J300-300HFE4 IGBT Inverter 30kW £1,990.00 1 boxed old stock
Emerson Affinity BA3403-E12/E54
(Control Techniques Unidrive SP3403)
IP54 enclosed HVAC inverter
30kW £1,500.00 1

second hand

Telemecanique Altivar 58 ATV58HD46N4 30kW £1,500.00 1 second hand
Moeller DF6-340-37K
(Hitachi L300-370HFE)
37kW £1,700.00 1 second hand
Delta VFD-F VFD450F43A 45kW £1,750.00 3 second hand
Emerson Affinity BA4403-E12/E54
(Control Techniques Unidrive SP4403)
IP54 enclosed HVAC inverter
55kW £2,000.00 1 second hand
PIV Electronics Positron S4T-55.0/400-M Frequenzumrichter 55kW £1,500.00 3 second hand
Hitachi SJ300-550HFE
(Moeller DV6-340-55K)
55kW £1,600.00 1 second hand
Hitachi J300-1100HFE4 110kW £2,800.00 1 second hand

The following products are no longer available, however we can offer to repair or replace any of these units and many more. Contact us with your requirements.

Make & Model

Three Phase 220-240V
Hitachi HFC-VWA2.5LB2 1.5kW
Allen Bradley AB-161S-AA15NPU 3.7kW
Hyundai N100-037LF N100plus 3.7kW
Yaskawa Varispeed CIMR-PCA23P7
(Omron 3G3XV-A2037)
Hyundai N100-055LF N100plus 5.5kW
Hyundai N100-075LF N100plus 7.5kW
Hitachi SJ100-075LFU 7.5kW
Hitachi J300-300LF3 IGBT Inverter 30kW
Hitachi J300-550LF5 IGBT Inverter 55kW
Three Phase 380-460V
Hitachi SJ100-004HFE
(Moeller DV5-340-0K4)
Hitachi L100-004HFE
(Moeller DF5-340-0K4)
Hitachi L100-007HFE
(Moeller DF5-340-0K7)
Hitachi SJ100-007HFE
(Moeller DV5-340-0K7)
Cutter-Hammer SV9000 1.1kW
Moeller DV5-340-1K5
(Hitachi SJ100-015HFE)
Yaskawa Varispeed CIMR-PCE42P2 2.2kW
Hitachi L100-022HFE
(Moeller DF5-340-2K2)
GE VAT23D-U3DX035BS 2.2kW
Fuji FRN2.2C1E-4E
(IMO Jaguar CUB5A5-4E)
Hitachi SJ100-030HFE
(Moeller DV5-340-3K0)
Watt Drive L2000-030HFE 3.0kW
Telemecanique Altivar 16 ATV16U54N4 3.0kW
Yaskawa Varispeed CIMR-PCE43P7 3.7kW
Fuji FVR040G7S-4EX 4.0kW
Moeller DV5-340-4K0
(Hitachi SJ100-040HFE)
Hitachi SJ100-040HFE IGBT Inverter
(Moeller DV5-340-4K0)
Moeller DF5-340-4K0
(Hitachi L100-040HFE)
Yaskawa CIMR-P5E44P0
(Omron 3G3HV-A4040-E)
Hitachi J100-037HFE2 IGBT Inverter 4.0kW
Hitachi J100-037HFE IGBT Inverter 4.0kW
Hyundai N100plus N100-037HF 4.0kW
Hitachi J300-055HFE2 IGBT Inverter 5.5kW
Hitachi J300-055HFE4 IGBT Inverter 5.5kW
Hitachi SJ100-055HFE
(Moeller DV5-340-5K5)
Hitachi HFC-VWA 5.5kW
Saftronics GP545P5
(Yaskawa CIMR-P5U45P5 / Omron OMR-3G3HV-A4055-E)
Telemecanique Altivar 5 ATV45U55 5.5kW
GE VAT2000 U2KX05K5S 5.5kW
Yaskawa Varispeed 616G3 CIMR-G3E45P5
(Omron 3G3IV-A4055)


Hitachi L100-055HFE
(Moeller DF5-340-5K5)
Vacon NXL NXL00165C5H1SSS0000 5.5/7.5kW
Moeller DV5-340-7K5
(Hitachi SJ100-075HFE)
Moeller DF51-340-7K5
(Hitachi L200-075HFE)
IMO Jaguar VX750-EN
(Fuji FRENIC G9)
Berges AC1-OR1-007-A
Programmed with Orrizio knitting machine software.
Yaskawa Varispeed CIMR-G3E47P5
(Omron 3G3IV-A4075)
IMO Jaguar VX1100P
(Fuji FRENIC G9)
GE VAT2000-U2KX11K0S 11kW
Fuji FRN11P9S-4 11kW
Yaskawa varispeed CIMR-G5C4011
(Omron 3G3FV-4110)
Moeller DV6-340-11K
(Hitachi SJ300-110HFE)
Honeywell CDV1100 11kW
Hitachi J300-110HFE IGBT Inverter 11kW
Hitachi J300-110HFE4 IGBT Inverter 11kW
Hitachi J300-110HFE4 IGBT Inverter 11kW
Triol AT04-015 3AB 15kW
Moeller DF6-340-15K
(Hitachi L300P-150HFE)
ABB ACS600 ACS60100253000F1200000 18.5kW
Watt Drive L3000-220HFE 22kW
Yaskawa CIMR-G5C4022 22kW
pDRIVE MX 400/30C37P 30kW
Hitachi SJ300-450HFE
(Moeller DV6-340-45K)
Vectron VCB 090 D-47807 45kW
Hitachi J300-450HFE4 IGBT Inverter 45kW
Yaskawa varispeed 616G5 CIMR-G5C4045
(Omron 3G3FV-A4450)
Hitachi L300P-750HFE2
(Moeller DF6-340-75K)
pDrive MXplus 55/75 75kW
Hitachi J300-1320HFE3 IGBT Inverter 132kW
Siemens Simovert P 6SE 1316-2CA03 160kW
Omron Sysdrive OMR-3G3PV-B416K-E
(Yaskawa CIMR-E7C4160)
Fuji FRENIC 5000P7 160kW

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