Second Hand & Clearance Inverters

We have a selection of second hand, ex-demo and clearance inverters. When they become available we offer them at very competitive prices. All inverters are offered with instruction manuals, technical support and warranty. This is not rubbish but quality inverters at rock bottom prices.

In addition to the refurbished/older units below, we also offer service exchange on Hitachi J100 IGBT inverters.

Make & Model Power Price Qty Condition
115V Single Phase input, 230V Three Phase output
Hitachi L100-004MFR 0.4kW £99.00 1 boxed old stock
Hitachi L100-004MFU2 0.4kW £99.00 1 boxed old stock
Allen Bradley AB-161S-DA02NPU 0.4kW £99.00 1 boxed old stock
200-240V Single Phase input, 230V Three Phase output
GE VAT20 U20N0K2P IP65 0.2kW £150.00 2 boxed old stock

Yaskawa VS mini C series

0.2kW £99.00 1 boxed old stock
Hitachi L100-002NFE
(Moeller DF5-322-025)
0.2kW £99.00 1 second hand
Telemecanique Altivar 5 ATV15037MO 0.37kW £75.00 2 second hand
GE VAT20 U20N0K4PS 0.4kW £150.00 1 second hand
Delta VFD-E VFD004E21P 0.4kW £99.00 1 second hand
Delta VFD-EL VFD004EL21A 0.4kW £99.00 1 second hand
Delta VFD-E VFD004E21A 0.4kW £99.00 1 second hand
Telemecanique Altivar 5 ATV15075MO 0.75kW £99.00 1 second hand
Siei Quix F-2M-0007 0.75kW £99.00 1 second hand
Mitsubishi FR-A024-S1.5K-EC 1.5kW £200.00 2 second hand
Omron 3G3MV-AB015
(Yaskawa CIMR-V7AZB1P51)
1.5kW £200.00 1 second hand
Elin Commander VC150
(Control Techniques Commander VC150)
1.5kW £150.00 1 second hand
Yaskawa CIMR-PCCB2P2 2.2kW £250.00 1 second hand
GE VAT20 U20N2K2PS 2.2kW £350.00 1 boxed old stock
WEG CFW08 EUCFW080073BZ024E0A1FAZ 2.2kW £300.00 2 boxed old stock
Hitachi VWS3.5SF3EH 2.2kW £225.00 1 second hand
Control Techniques Dinverter DIN1220220B 2.2kW £250.00 1 second hand

The following products are no longer available, however we can offer to repair or replace any of these units and many more. Contact us with your requirements.

Make & Model Power
115V Single Phase input, 230V Three Phase output
Hitachi L100-007MFR 0.75kW
Hitachi L100-007MFU2 0.75kW
200-240V Single Phase input, 230V Three Phase output
Omron Sysdrive OMR-3G3JV-A2002
(Yaskawa CIMR-J7A20P20)
Hitachi SJ100-002NFE
(Moeller DV5-322-0K2)
Yaskawa Varispeed CIMR-XCAEBOP2
(Omron 3G3EV-A2002)
Omron Sysdrive OMR-3G3EV-A2002-E
(Yaskawa Mini C CIMR-XCAEB0P2)
Yaskawa Varispeed 606PB3 CIMR-PBEB0P2T
(Omron 3G3SV-BB002-E)
Hitachi J100-004SBE IGBT Inverter 0.4kW
Moeller DV51-322-037
(Hitachi SJ200-004NFE)
Watt Drive L2500-0004SBW 0.4kW
GE-VAT23D-U2DN010SS 0.4kW
Hyundai N100-004SF 0.4kW
Allen Bradley AB-1615-AA03NPU 0.55kW
Omron Sysdrive OMR-3G3EV-A2007
(Yaskawa Mini C CIMR-XCEAB0P7)
Moeller DV5-322-055
(Hitachi SJ100-005NFE)
Hitachi J100-007SFE5 IGBT Inverter 0.75kW
Hitachi SJ100-007NFE
(Moeller DV5-322-075)
GE VAT20 U20N0K7S 0.75kW
Hyundai N100-007SF 0.75kW
Telemecanique Altivar 11 ATV11HU18M2E 0.75kW
LG LS SV008iC5-1 0.75kW
Watt Drive V2500-0007SBW 0.75kW
Quixv-2M 0007NA 0.75kW
Hyundai N50-007SF 0.75kW
ABB ACS150-01E-04A7-2 0.75kW
Lenze-EVF8202-E 0.75kW
Joint Peer System Corp. JPS-PD-2007-WP IGBT PWM 1.1kW
Omron Sysdrive OMR-3G3EV-A2015-E
(Yaskawa Mini C CIMR-XCEAB1P5)
Hitachi J100-015SFE4 IGBT Inverter 1.5kW
Hitachi SJ100-015NFE
(Moeller DV5-322-1K5)
Toshiba VF-S11 1.5kW
Hyundai N100-015SF 1.5kW
Moeller DV5-322-1K5
(Hitachi SJ100-015NFE)
Telemecanique Altivar 5 ATV151U15MO 1.5kW
Mitsubishi FREQROL-A024
Hitachi VWS-2.5SF3EH 1.5kW
Hyundai N50-015SF 1.5kW
Kasuga KVFH215E5 1.5kW
NordAC SK2200/1 2.2kW
Hitachi SJ100-022NFE 2.2kW
Hitachi L100-022NFE 2.2kW
LG LS SV022iC5-1 2.2kW
Mitsubishi FR-Z024-S2.2K 2.2kW
Hyundai hiRUN N50-022SF 2.2kW
SSD 583-2200/3/1 2.2kW
Omron V7 CIMR-V7AZB4P0 4.0kW

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