Second Hand & Clearance DC Drives

We have a selection of second hand, ex-demo and clearance DC Drives. When they become available we offer them at very competitive prices. All DC Drives are offered with instruction manuals, technical support and warranty. This is not rubbish but quality DC Drives at rock bottom prices.

Make & Model Power Quadrants Input Voltage Armature
Quantity Price
Sprint 680XRi 0.75kW 4 110/230V 6.8A 1 £320.00
Sprint 1220 1.8kW 1 110/230V 12.2A 3 £115.00
Sprint 1600 2.2kW 1 110/230V 16A 1 £200.00
Control Techniques Lynx 16 3HP 4.0kW 1 200/400V 16A 1 £230.00
SSD 546-0320-6-2-3-120-1010-0-00 15kW 2 400V 32A 1 £350.00
Eurotherm 590A/0700/6/0/00 30kW 4 400V 70A 1


Sprint SLE44 44kW 2 400V 106A 1 £1,100.00
Alspa Micro II MPA065-4124 45kW 4 400V 126A 1 £1,100.00
Alspa Micro II MPA130-4224 82kW 4 400V 231A 1 £1,500.00
Baumüller Einbau Stromrichtergerät
Zum Gleich-und Wechselrichten
85kW 4 400V 200A 1 £1,500.00
Control Techniques Mentor II M210R14RL 85kW 4 400V 210A Out of stock*
Typact TPD32-400/470-280-2B 115kW 2 400V 280A 1 £1,750.00
Alspa Micro II MPA185-4224 134kW 4 400V 376A 1 £1,900.00
Field Controllers
Manufacturer Model Field Current Quantity Price
Control Techniques FXM4 20A 1 £POA
Control Techniques FXM5 10A 1 £POA

*we can repair or offer a replacement, contact us

We also have a number of Control Techniques Mentor II drives, these are in need of repair but can be made available on request. Contact us for more information and pricing.

Base Unit DC Current Quadrants Lead Time
Control Techniques Mentor II
M210RGB14 315A 4 3 days
M420GB14 420A 2 1 week
M210RGB14 210A 4 3 days
M155RGB14 155A 4 2 days

The following products are no longer available, however we can offer to repair or replace any of these units and many more. Contact us with your requirements.

Make & Model Single Power Quadrants Input Voltage Armature Current
KB Electronics KBMD-240D, IP55 1.1kW   110/230V 8A
Baldor BC140-FBR, IP55 1.1kW   110/230V 8A
KB Electronics KBPC-240D, IP55 1.1kW   110/230V 10.2A
Eurotherm 514C/04, IP00 1.2kW   110-460V 4A
Eurotherm 508/01/20 1.2kW   110/240V 12A
SEW Movitron 214 2.2kW   400V 14A
KTK 6PS55-HW02820687 55kW   400V 123A
Typact TPY3-415/480-140L-2B 60kW 2 400V 140A

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