Fairford QFE Soft Start

The Fairford QFE, ideal for replacing star-delta starters. Reduces electrical surges, mechanical shocks & reduces wiring. Features application programmability, optimisation auto set-up, 2 line 32 character alphanumeric display.

The QFE is no longer available, please contact us for assistance on selecting a replacement.

Some options for the QFE are still available to support existing installations, contact us for pricing and availabilty

Specification and prices below:

Model Number Description Unit Price
QFE-9K 9A 4.0kW@400V, 230-460V Contact us
for pricing and
QFE-16K 16A 7.5kW@400V, 230-460V
QFE-23K 23A 11kW@400V, 230-460V
QFE-30K 30A 15kW@400V, 230-460V
QFE-44K 44A 22kW@400V, 230-460V
QFE-59K 59A 30kW@400V, 230-460V
QFE-72K 72A 37kW@400V, 230-460V
QFE-85K 85A 45kW@400V, 230-460V
QFE-105K 105A 55kW@400V, 230-460V
QFE-146K 146A 75kW@400V, 230-460V
QFE-174K 174A 90kW@400V, 230-460V
QFE-202K 202A 110kW@400V, 230-460V
QFE-242K 242A 132kW@400V, 230-460V
QFE-300K 300A 160kW@400V, 230-460V
QFE-370K 370A 200kW@400V, 230-460V
QFE-500K 500A 250kW@400V, 230-460V
QFE-600K 600A 315kW@400V, 230-460V
QFE-750K 750A 400kW@400V, 230-460V
QFE-900K 900A 500kW@400V, 230-460V

'O' range (IP00)

AO digital optimising soft starter, 500-1800A/250-1000kW 230-460V. All applications, plus programmability, optimisation auto set-up and features, 2 line 32 character alphanumeric display.

Model Number Description Unit Price
QFE-O-500K 500A 250kW@400V, 230-460V Contact us
for pricing and
QFE-O-600K 600A 315kW@400V, 230-460V
QFE-O-750K 750A 400kW@400V, 230-460V
QFE-O-900K 900A 500kW@400V, 230-460V
QFE-O-1100K 1100A 630kW@400V, 230-460V
QFE-O-1200K 1200A 710kW@400V, 230-460V
QFE-O-1400K 1400A 800kW@400V, 230-460V
QFE-O-1600K 1600A 900kW@400V, 230-460V
QFE-O-1800K 1800A 1000kW@400V, 230-460V


Options (applies to all QFEs)
C= standard unit with fitted comms card, no keypad Contact us
for pricing and
KC= Standard unit with fitted keypad & comms card
Auxiliary function card (add + to suffix)
Remote keypad and 3m cable
QFE G Version (400-575V)
QFE E Version (500-690V)

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