AOIP Novadem S3 Soft Starts

AOIP's soft start units are built to order, please contact us for pricing and lead times.

Specification below:

Model Number Motor Power Rated Current Unit Price
Soft Start 400V 3ph
NS3-41-25 11kW 25A £POA
NS3-41-55 18.5kW 35A £POA
NS3-41-90 22kW 45A £POA
NS3-42-90 30kW 55A £POA
NS3-42-91 37kW 70A £POA
NS3-42-132 45kW 90A £POA
NS3-42-160 55kW 110A £POA
NS3-43-250 75kW 145A £POA
NS3-43-251 90kW 165A £POA
NS3-43-300 110kW 200A £POA
NS3-44-300 132kW 235A £POA
NS3-44-500 160kW 300A £POA
NS3-44-600 200kW 360A £POA
NS3-45-760 250kW 400A £POA
NS3-45-1200 335kW 580A £POA
NS3-46-1200 400kW 650A £POA
NS3-47-1200 450kW 750A £POA
NS3-47-1800 560kW 900A £POA
NS3-47-2300 670kW 1100A £POA
Remote key pad all sizes OPT-CAD3 £POA
Logidem surveillance software all sizes OPT-LGD £POA
Modbus network card MDB-NS £POA
WorldFIP Network card FIPCOM-NS £POA
Multi-option card OPT-MUL £POA

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