Service & Maintenance Contracts

One of our major maintenance contracts is in a large petrochemical refinery with a huge amount of drives and controls.

The contract includes a guaranteed 24hr callout for breakdowns and an annual service of all drives on site. Having decided to schedule the servicing during their down time between Christmas and New Year, it was a little more expensive but prevented them from having any unnecessary loss in production.

Feedback, with the first year almost complete, is very positive. The servicing prevented any drives from failing all year and the piece of mind of having an engineer on standby has been invaluable.

Other clients have just had the service contract and found that instances of breakdowns improved dramatically.

Some just have the guaranteed callout, a number of these have been so impressed with our service and how quickly we got production running again that they added servicing to future contracts.

We offer a comprehensive set of service contracts individually tailored to suit any specific needs. Contact us to discuss your requirements.