Getting it Right First Time

At Power Drive Services we like to get things right first time. The simple fact is that when you do it right first time, you save time and money.

We've recently had a number of examples of this where people and companies have attempted to take actions to resolve a problem and spent a lot more money than if they had called Power Drive Services first.

The first case was a large plant with their own electricians on site. When a machine stopped working they diagnosed its soft start as the cause of the problem and replaced it.
When the replacement arrived, the electrician was unable to get the machine working and Power Drive Services were called to commission the soft start.
Our engineer was able to program the soft start, but the machine still wouldn't run. After a little investigation a faulty relay was found in the control circuit. They had their electrician replace it and the machine was able to run.
In the end there had been an unnecessary soft start purchased and down time was longer than it should have been.

The second was more a case of not providing the correct information from the beginning. We were originally asked to replace an inverter, due to the lead time we offered an alternate model. However, when it was received the electrician rejected it as there was a function missing.
Armed with further information, we were able to offer a suitable unit that was suitable for the job, however it was a different make than the customer's original.
Once again the electrician rejected it as he was unfamiliar with the make and refused to install it. We knew that the unit was suitable and offered to install it ourselves.
Our engineer installed the inverter, got the machine running, diagnosed a faulty motor and brought the original inverter back to be repaired.