Three Phase Motors

We have a good stocks of three phase motors. Aluminium motors are available in 2 pole 3000rpm or 4 pole 1500rpm, foot or flange mounted, 230/400V or 400/690V.

Contact us for 6 and 8 pole, high efficiency IE2 and premium efficiency IE3, and cast iron pricing and availability.

Buy three phase motors online here.

Prices and specification of EFF2 aluminium motors below:

Subject to stock status. No EFF2 rated motors will be restocked when sold out.

IE2 standard efficiency motor prices to follow.

Multi mount motors with standard B3 foot mounting, B5 flanges & B14 faces.

Foot motor
Part No. (B3)
Power Frame Size B3 Motor Price Flange motor
Part No. (B5 or B14)
Flange Motor
2 pole 3000rpm 3 phase 230V delta 400V star up to 2.2kW
2 pole 3000rpm 3 phase 400V delta 690V star over 2.2kW
MOT-R-2P0K18-B3F63 0.18kW 63 Contact us
for pricing and
MOT-R-2P0K18-B??F63 Contact us
for pricing and
MOT-R-2P0K25-B3F63 0.25kW 63 MOT-R-2P0K25-B??F63
MOT-R-2P0K37-B3F71 0.37kW 71 MOT-R-2P0K37-B??F71
MOT-R-2P0K55-B3F71 0.55kW 71 MOT-R-2P0K55-B??F71
MOT-R-2P0K75-B3F80 0.75kW 80 MOT-R-2P0K75-B??F80
MOT-R-2P1K1-B3F80 1.1kW 80 MOT-R-2P1K1-B??F80
MOT-R-2P1K5-B3F90 1.5kW 90S MOT-R-2P1K5-B??F90
MOT-R-2P2K2-B3F90 2.2kW 90L MOT-R-2P2K2-B??F90
MOT-H-2P3K0-B3F100 3.0kW 100L MOT-H-2P3K0-B??F100
MOT-H-2P4K0-B3F112 4.0kW 112M MOT-H-2P4K0-B??F112
MOT-H-2P5K5-B3F132 5.5kW 132S MOT-H-2P5K5-B??F132
MOT-H-2P7K5-B3F132 7.5kW 132S MOT-H-2P7K5-B??F132
MOT-H-2P11K-B3F160 11kW 160M MOT-H-2P11K-B??F160
MOT-H-2P15K-B3F160 15kW 160M MOT-H-2P15K-B??F160
MOT-H-2P18K5-B3F160 18.5kW 160L MOT-H-2P18K5-B??F160
4 pole 1500rpm 3 phase 230V delta 400V star up to 2.2kW
4 pole 1500rpm 3 phase 400V delta 690V star over 2.2kW
MOT-R-4P0K12-B3F63 0.12kW 63 Contact us
for pricing and
MOT-R-4P0K12-B??F63 Contact us
for pricing and
MOT-R-4P0K18-B3F63 0.18kW 63 MOT-R-4P0K18-B??F63
MOT-R-4P0K25-B3F71 0.25kW 71 MOT-R-4P0K25-B??F71
MOT-R-4P0K37-B3F71 0.37kW 71 MOT-R-4P0K37-B??F71
MOT-R-4P0K55-B3F80 0.55kW 80 MOT-R-4P0K55-B??F80
MOT-R-4P0K75-B3F80 0.75kW 80 MOT-R-4P0K75-B??F80
MOT-R-4P1K1-B3F90 1.1kW 90S MOT-R-4P1K1-B??F90
MOT-R-4P1K5-B3F90 1.5kW 90L MOT-R-4P1K5-B??F90
MOT-R-4P2K2-B3F100 2.2kW 100L MOT-R-4P2K2-B??F100
MOT-H-4P3K0-B3F100 3.0kW 100L MOT-H-4P3K0-B??F100
MOT-H-4P4K0-B3F112 4.0kW 112M MOT-H-4P4K0-B??F112
MOT-H-4P5K5-B3F132 5.5kW 132S MOT-H-4P5K5-B??F132
MOT-H-4P7K5-B3F132 7.5kW 132S MOT-H-4P7K5-B??F132
MOT-H-4P11K-B3F160 11kW 160M MOT-H-4P11K-B??F160
MOT-H-4P15K-B3F160 15kW 160L MOT-H-4P15K-B??F160

Other powers and speeds are available, please contact us.

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