Eaton PowerXL DC1

The Eaton PowerXL DC1 is a range of compact variable frequency drives. It is specifically designed for simple applications, with minimal programming and ease of installation/mounting. Typical applications include fans, pumps, and conveyors.

There are also a number of expansions that can enable additional functions and parameters.

The DC1 is also available in IP66 enclosures, which are perfect for wet and humid locations.

Specification and prices below:

Control System U/f control and Slip compensation
Output Frequency Range 0 to 500Hz
Frequency Resolution 0.1Hz
Switching Frequency 4 to 32kHz
Output Current 150% for 60s every 600s
Braking 30% capacitive feedback type, 100% with external resistor only 3ph 1,5kW and above
Interface OP-Bus (RS485) / Modbus RTU, CANopen
Fieldbus Connection SmartWire-DT
Output Voltage 0 - input voltage
Analogue Inputs Parameterisable, max. 2 x (0 - 10V, 0/4 - 20mA)
Analoque Outputs Parameterisable, max. 1 x (0 - 10V)
Digital Inputs Parameterisable, max. 4 x (max. 30VDC)
Digital Outputs Parameterisable, max. 1 x (24VDC)
Relay Outputs Parameterisable, 1 x N/O, 6A (250VAC) / 5A (30VDC)
Enclosure IP20 or IP66
International Standards UL, C-UL (CSA), CE, C-Tick, and Ukr Sepro - Complies with EMC & LV Directives


230V 1ph input
DC1-122D3NN-A20N 169222 0.37kW 2.3A none none FS1 £146.60
DC1-122D3FN-A20N 169240 built-in none £147.42
DC1-124D3NN-A20N 169225 0.75kW 4.3A none none £176.52
DC1-124D3FN-A20N 169243 built-in none £173.40
DC1-127D0NN-A20N 169228 1.5kW 7.0A none none £219.57
DC1-127D0FN-A20N 169246 built-in none £215.45
DC1-127D0NB-A20N 169231 none


DC1-127D0FB-A20N 169249 built-in built-in £273.90
DC1-12011NB-A20N 169234 2.2kW 10.5A none built-in £280.38
DC1-12011FB-A20N 169252 built-in built-in £285.11
DC1-12015NB-A20N 169237 4.0kW 15A none built-in FS3 £POA
400V 3ph input
DC1-342D2NN-A20N 169453 0.75kW 2.2A none none FS1 £267.05
DC1-342D2FN-A20N 169475 built-in none £268.92
DC1-344D1NN-A20N 169456 1.5kW 4.1A none none £284.91
DC1-344D1FN-A20N 169478 built-in none £284.53
DC1-344D1NB-A20N 169459 none built-in £337.28
DC1-344D1FB-A20N 169481 built-in built-in £349.77
DC1-345D8NB-A20N 169452 2.2kW 5.8A none built-in FS2 £POA
DC1-345D8FB-A20N 169484 built-in built-in £369.66
DC1-349D5NB-A20N 169465 4.0kW 9.5A none built-in £POA
DC1-349D5FB-A20N 169487 built-in built-in £433.05
DC1-34014NB-A20N 169468 5.5kW 14A none built-in FS3 £512.92
DC1-34014FB-A20N 169490 built-in built-in £520.45
DC1-34018NB-A20N 169471 7.5kW 18A none built-in £612.48
DC1-34018FB-A20N 169493 built-in built-in £616.09
DC1-34024NB-A20N 169474 11kW 24A none built-in £771.08
DC1-34024FB-A20N 169496 built-in built-in £783.12


Inverter Dimensions (mm)
Frame Size Height Width Depth
FS1 184 81 124
FS2 231 107 152
FS3 273 131 175

IP66 prices, specification, and dimensions below:

230V 1ph input IP66
DC1-122D3NN-A66N 169223 0.37kW 2.3A none none FS1E £POA
DC1-122D3FN-A66N 169241 built-in none £POA
DC1-124D3NN-A66N 169226 0.75kW 4.3A none none £POA
DC1-124D3FN-A66N 169244 built-in none £POA
DC1-127D0NN-A66N 169229 1.5kW 7.0A none none £POA
DC1-127D0FN-A66N 169247 built-in none £POA
DC1-127D0NB-A66N 169232 none built-in FS2E £POA
DC1-127D0FB-A66N 169250 built-in built-in £394.15
DC1-12011NB-A66N 169235 2.2kW 10.5A none built-in £POA
DC1-12011FB-A66N 169253 built-in built-in £POA
DC1-12015NB-A66N 169238 4.0kW 15A none built-in FS3E £POA
230V 1ph input IP66 w/ local controls
DC1-122D3NN-A6SN 169224 0.37kW 2.3A none none FS1E £POA
DC1-122D3FN-A6SN 169242 built-in none £337.10
DC1-124D3NN-A6SN 169227 0.75kW 4.3A none none £POA
DC1-124D3FN-A6SN 169245 built-in none £POA
DC1-127D0NN-A6SN 169230 1.5kW 7.0A none none £POA
DC1-127D0FN-A6SN 169248 built-in none £POA
DC1-127D0NB-A6SN 169233 none built-in FS2E £POA
DC1-127D0FB-A6SN 169251 built-in built-in £POA
DC1-12011NB-A6SN 169236 2.2kW 10.5A none built-in £POA
DC1-12011FB-A6SN 169254 built-in built-in £POA
DC1-12015NB-A6SN 169239 4.0kW 15A none built-in FS3E £POA
400V 3ph input IP66
DC1-342D2NN-A66N 169454 0.75kW 2.2A none none FS1E £POA
DC1-342D2FN-A66N 169476 built-in none £386.37
DC1-344D1NN-A66N 169457 1.5kW 4.1A none none £POA
DC1-344D1FN-A66N 169479 built-in none £POA
DC1-344D1NB-A66N 169460 none built-in FS2E £POA
DC1-344D1FB-A66N 169482 built-in built-in £POA
DC1-345D8NB-A66N 169463 2.2kW 5.8A none built-in £POA
DC1-345D8FB-A66N 169485 built-in built-in £POA
DC1-349D5NB-A66N 169466 4.0kW 9.5A none built-in £POA
DC1-349D5FB-A66N 169488 built-in built-in £POA
DC1-34014NB-A66N 169469 5.5kW 14A none built-in FS3E £POA
DC1-34014FB-A66N 169491 built-in built-in £POA
DC1-34018NB-A66N 169472 7.5kW 18A none built-in £POA
DC1-34018FB-A66N 169494 built-in built-in £977.60
400V 3ph input IP66 w/ local controls
DC1-342D2NN-A6SN 169455 0.75kW 2.2A none none FS1E £POA
DC1-342D2FN-A6SN 169477 built-in none


DC1-344D1NN-A6SN 169458 1.5kW 4.1A none none £POA
DC1-344D1FN-A6SN 169480 built-in none £POA
DC1-344D1NB-A6SN 169461 none built-in FS2E £POA
DC1-344D1FB-A6SN 169483 built-in built-in £POA
DC1-345D8NB-A6SN 169464 2.2kW 5.8A none built-in £POA
DC1-345D8FB-A6SN 169486 built-in built-in £POA
DC1-349D5NB-A6SN 169467 4.0kW 9.5A none built-in £POA
DC1-349D5FB-A6SN 169489 built-in built-in £669.02
DC1-34014NB-A6SN 169470 5.5kW 14A none built-in FS3E £POA
DC1-34014FB-A6SN 169492 built-in built-in £993.16
DC1-34018NB-A6SN 169473 7.5kW 18A none built-in £POA
DC1-34018FB-A6SN 169495 built-in built-in £POA


IP66 Inverter Dimensions (mm)
Frame Size Height Width Depth
FS1E 232 161 184
FS2E 257 188 192
FS3E 310 210.5 234

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