Moeller DF6

The Moeller DF6, VSD Variable frequency drive, specifications and prices below; We carry a the full range of all models of the Moeller DF6 inverter from stock. Largest stocks of Moeller inverters held out side Moeller Germany.

The DF6 has been superceded by the PowerXL DA1. We may have some stock remaining, and we can still offer qutoes for servicing and repair. Contact us for pricing and availability.

Specification below:

Control System Line to Line Sine Wave PWM
Output Frequency Range 0.1 to 400Hz
Frequency Resolution Digital +/-0.01Hz Maximum Frequency. Analogue +/-0.2%
Starting Torque 120% for 30seconds and 150% for 0.5seconds
Braking Capacitors Included from 110 to 150 sizes - External Resistor Required
DC Injection Braking Programmable Power, Time and Frequency Settings at Start and Stop
Speed Reference Digital Operator, 0-10Vdc, -10 to +10Vdc, 420mA,
Potentiometer, RS485 Communications
Multi-stage Speed 16 Programmable Pre-sets
Output Voltage Same as Rated Input + Auto Voltage Regulator (AVR)
Accel/Decel 0.01-3600s linear or S-Curve - 2 Selectable
Input Terminals 6 Total - 5 Programmable from 44 Selections
Output Terminals 2 Programmable from 21 Selections - Relay Volt free Contact
Alarm Relay Change Over Contact - Programmable with 21 Selections
Meter Output Analogue Voltage or Frequency Output for Speed or Load indications only
Protection 19 Functions inc. Earth Fault
Trip History Last 3 trips, total trip log
PID Control Programmable PID Function - 420mA 0-10Vdc Feedback
Enclosure IP20
International Standards UL, C-UL, CE and C-Tick - Complies with EMC and LV Directives


Filter Bookcase
& Block
380-400V 3ph input
DF6-340-11K 11kW 23A Contact us
for pricing and
FP3040-300 FBK-H-30A
DF6-340-15K 15kW 32A FP3040-300 FBK-H-42A
DF6-340-18K5 18.5kW 38A FP3077-300 FBK-H-42A
DF6-340-22K 22kW 48A FP3077-300 FBK-H-55A
DF6-340-30K 30kW 58A FP3077-300 FBK-H-75A
DF6-340-37K 37kW 75A N/A FBK-H-100A
DF6-340-45K 45kW 90A N/A FBK-H-100A
DF6-340-55K 55kW 110A N/A FBK-H-150A
DF6-340-75K 75kW 149A N/A FBK-H-180A
DF6-340-90K 90kW 176A N/A FBK-H-200A
DF6-340-110K 110kW 217A N/A FBK-H-250A
DF6-340-132K 132kW 260A N/A FBK-H-300A


Inverter Dimensions
Model Number Height (mm) Width (mm) Depth (mm) Weight
DF6-340-11K -15K 260 210 170 5kg
DF6-340-18K5 -30K 390 250 190 12kg
DF6-340-37K 540 310 195 20kg
DF6-340-45K -55K 550 390 250 30kg
DF6-340-75K -90K 700 390 270 60kg
DF6-340-110K -132K 740 480 270 80kg
RFI Filter Dimensions
Model Number Height (mm) Width (mm) Depth (mm)
FP 3040-300 315 213 53
FP 3077-300 459 253 60
Bookcase & Block
FBK-H-30A/42A 232 111 56
FBK-H-55A 273 160 74
FBK-H-75A/100A 313 190 100
FBK-H-150A/180A 363 190 100
FBK-H-200A/250A TBC

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