Mitsubishi E500 inverter

The E500 is a high-performance, compact drive suitable for standard AC motors.

We carried a range of the E500 inverter, however it has been superseded by the E700, which we carry in stock and can offer short lead times or suitable alternatives to any that are out of stock. Alternatively we can offer to repair you E500.

Specification below:

Model Number Motor Power Rated Current Unit Price
200-240V 1ph input
FR-E520E-0.4K-EC 0.4kW 2.5A no longer

FR-E520E-0.75K-EC 0.75kW 2.5A
FR-E520E-1.5K-EC 1.5kW 7.0A
FR-E520E-2.2K-EC 2.2kW 10A
380-440V 3ph input
FR-E540E-0.4K-EC 0.4kW 1.5A no longer

FR-E540E-0.75K-EC 0.75kW 2.6A
FR-E540E-1.5K-EC 1.5kW 4.0A
FR-E540E-2.2K-EC 2.2kW 6.0A
FR-E540E-3.7K-EC 3.7kW 9.5A
FR-E540E-5.5K-EC 5.5kW 12A
FR-E540E-7.5K-EC 7.5kW 17A


Inverter Dimensions
Model Number H (mm) W (mm) D (mm)
200-240V 1ph input
FR-S520E-0.4K - 0.75K-EC 150 140 136
FR-S520E-1.5K - 2.2K-EC 150 140 166
380-440V 3ph input
FR-S540E-0.4K - 1.5K-EC 150 140 116
FR-S540E-2.2K - 3.7K-EC 150 140 136
FR-S540E-5.5K - 7.5K-EC 150 220 148

We can still supply keypads for this drive for 31.00

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