LS iS7 inverter

The iS7 is a high torque, performance drive suitable for standard AC motors.

We carry a range of the iS7 inverter and can offer short lead times or suitable alternatives to any that are out of stock.

Specification and prices below:

Rated Current Unit
  Dimensions (mm)
Constant/Variable Torque Height Width Depth
380-480V 3ph input
SV0008iS7-4N0FD 0.75kW 2.5/4.0A £POA   284 150 200
SV0015iS7-4N0FD 1.5kW 4.0/6.0A £POA
SV0022iS7-4N0FD 2.2kW 6.0/8.0A £POA
SV0037iS7-4N0FD 3.7kW 8.0/12A £POA
SV0055iS7-4N0FD 5.5kW 12/16A £POA 355 200 225
SV0075iS7-4N0FD 7.5/11kW 16/24A £POA
SV0110iS7-4N0FD 11/15kW 24/30A £POA 385 250 284
SV0150iS7-4N0FD 15/18.5kW 30/39A £POA
SV0185iS7-4N0FD 18.5/22kW 39/45A £POA 461.6 280 298
SV0220iS7-4N0FD 22/30kW 45/61A £POA
SV0300iS7-4N0FD 30/37kW 61/75A £POA 594 300 300.4
SV0370iS7-4N0FD 37/45kW 75/91A £POA
SV0450iS7-4N0FD 45/55kW 91/110A £POA
SV0550iS7-4N0FD 55/75kW 110/152A £POA 663.4 370 371
SV0750iS7-4N0FD 75/90kW 152/183A £POA
SV0900iS7-4N0FD 90/110kW 183/223A £POA 784 510 423
SV1320iS7-4N0FD 132/150kW 264/325A £POA 861
SV1600iS7-4N0FD 160/200kW 325/370A £POA
iS7 Multi-function LCD keypad £POA  

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