GE VAT2000

The GE VAT2000 inverter drive has become obsolete. However, we carry a full range of the GE replacements in stock.

Please contact us for an alternative to the VAT2000 range.

Alternatively we can offer a repair service for your VAT2000.

Specification below:

Control System All digital control sine wave approximation PWM
Interface Detachable IP54 keypad with 5 digit display and 8 LED signals
Output Frequency Range 0-440Hz in V/f control mode, 0-120Hz in Vector control mode
Frequency Resolution 0.01Hz
Starting Torque 200% or more
Braking Ramp down or coast to stop
DC Injection Braking 0.1-60.0Hz braking frequency, 0.1-20.0% braking voltage, 0.0-20.0secs
Accel/Decel 0.1-60000s linear or S type ramp selection
Meter Output Voltage or frequency output of speed or load indication only
Protection 15 functions inc- earth fault
Trip History Last 4 trips
Connectivity -10 to 50°C
Model Number GE ref. Motor Power Rated Current Price
Heavy/Normal Duty
200-240V 3PH
U2KN00K4S 168000 0.4/0.75kW 1.5/2.5A £POA
U2KN00K7S 168001 0.75/1.5kW 2.5/3.6A
U2KN01K5S 168002 1.5/2.2kW 3.6/5.5A
U2KN02K2S 168003 2.2/3.7kW 5.5/8.6A
U2KN04K0S 168004 3.7/5.5kW 8.6/13A
U2KN05K5S 168005 5.5/7.5kW 13/17A
U2KN07K5S 168006 7.5/11kW 17/23A
U2KN11K0S 168007 11/15kW 23/31A
U2KN15K0S 168008 15/18.5kW 31/37A
U2KN18K5S 168009 18.5/22kW 37/44A
U2KN22K0S 168010 22/30kW 44/60A
U2KN30K0S 168011 30/37kW 60/73A
U2KN37K0S 168052 37/45kW 73/84A
400-460V 3PH
U2KX00K4S 168024 0.4/0.75kW 1.5/2.5A £POA
U2KX00K7S 168025 0.75/1.5kW 2.5/3.6A
U2KX01K5S 168026 1.5/2.2kW 3.6/5.5A
U2KX02K2S 168027 2.2/4.0kW 5.5/8.6A
U2KX04K0S 168028 4.0/5.5kW 8.6/13A
U2KX05K5S 168029 5.5/7.5kW 13/17A
U2KX07K5S 168030 7.5/11kW 17/23A
U2KX11K0S 168031 11/15kW 23/31A
U2KX15K0S 168032 15/18.5kW 31/37A
U2KX18K5S 168033 18.5/22kW 37/44A
U2KX22K0S 168034 22/30kW 44/60A
U2KX30K0S 168035 30/37kW 60/73A
U2KX37K0S 168036 37/45kW 73/84A
U2KX45K0S 168037 45/55kW 87/108A
U2KX55K0S 168038 55/75kW 108/147A
U2KX75K0S 168039 75/90kW 145/179A
U2KX90K0S 168040 90/110kW 173/208A
U2KX110KS 168041 110/132kW 214/242A
U2KX132KS 168042 132/160kW 245/293A
U2KX160KS 168043 160/200kW 321/365A
U2KX200KS 168044 200/250kW 428/479A
U2KX250KS 168045 250/315kW 519/581A
U2KX315KS 168046 315/370kW 590/661A

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