Fuji Frenic-Lift LM1

The Frenic-Lift is a range of highly specialised inverters for lift (elevator) applications, with all the related requirements.

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Specification and prices below:

Input Ratings Voltage/Frequency 380-480VAC, 50/60Hz
Tolerance Voltage:+10 to -15%, Voltage unbalance:2% or less, Frequency:±5%
Output overload capability 180% of rated current for 3s (for 4kW)
200% of rated current for 10s (for 5.5-22kW)
180% of rated current for 5s (for 30-45kW)
Frequency Maximum 5-120Hz (150-3600rpm)
Base 5-120Hz (150-3600rpm)
Starting Dynamic torque vector control: 0.1Hz
Vector control with PG: 0.0Hz
Carrier 5-16kHz
Starting Torque 200% (4.0-22kW), 180% (30-45kW)
Braking Standard Torque 80% (Average torque for 60s braking with 50%ED)
DC Injection Braking Starting Frequency 0.0-5Hz (0-150rpm)
Braking Time 0.0-30s
Braking Level 0-100%
Control Method
  • Vector control with PG (asynchronous motor)
  • Vector control with PG (synchronous motor)
  • Dynamic torque vector control without PG (asynchronous motor)
Acceleration/Deceleration Time 0.0-99.9s
Multistep Frequency 8 steps
Frequency Setting Control (Analogue Input) 0-±10VDC (2 inputs)
Standard Functions Forward rotation, reverse rotation and stop command, coast-to-stop command, alarm reset, forced stop, the S-curve, operation command agreement timer, multistep speed command agreement timer, normal or negative logic selected function of digital input, normal or negative logic selected function of digital output, soft starting, stop frequency holding time, acceleration and deceleration operation function cancellation, torque control, ASR feedforward compensation, vibration control observer, ASR parameter change, digital torque bias, analogue torque bias, motor characteristics tuning (auto tuning), password, unbalanced load compensation, creepless operation, short floor operation, battery operation, pole position offset tuning (pole tuning), brake monitoring, main contactors monitoring, etc.
Protection Overcurrent, short-circuit, grounding fault, overvoltage, undervoltage, input phase loss, output phase loss, overheating, overload, external alarm, motor protection (electronic thermal and PTC), memory error, keypad communication error, CPU error, option communication error, option error, operation error, tuning error, RS485 communication error, data save error upon undervoltage, option hardware error, EN terminal circuit error, PG wiring broken, CAN bus communication error, overspeed prevention, speed mismatching, charging circuit fault, over torque current, etc.
Enclosure (IEC/EN60529) IP20 (4.0-22kW), IP00 (30-45kW)
Cooling Method Fan cooling
Conformed Standards EC Directive (CE Marking)
Machinery Directive (up to 30kW):
—EN ISO13849-1: Cat. 3, PL d
—EN61800-5-2: STO SIL2
—EN62061: SIL2
Lift Safety (in extracts)
—EN81-1:1998+A3:2009 (12.7.3 b) and UCM

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  Dimensions (mm)
Height Width Depth
400V 3ph
180% of rated current for 3s (for 4kW)
200% of rated current for 10s (for 5.5-22kW)
180% of rated current for 5s (for 30-45kW)
FRN4.0LM1S-4EA 4.0kW 9.0A £1,599.33   260 150 165
FRN5.5LM1S-4EA 5.5kW 13.5A £1,732.53 220 215
FRN7.5LM1S-4EA 7.5kW 18.5A £1,836.35
FRN11LM1S-4EA 11kW 24.5A £2,573.08
FRN15LM1S-4EA 15kW 32A £3,708.35 400 250
FRN18.5LM1S-4EA 18.5kW 39A £4,025.05
FRN22LM1S-4EA 22kW 45A £4,796.43
FRN30LM1S-4EA 30kW 60A £6,540.48 550 320 255
FRN37LM1S-4EA 37kW 75A £8,312.80 355 270
FRN45LM1S-4EA 45kW 91A £9,082.80 615
TP-G1-CLS Multifunction keypad £212.38
TP-G1-ELS Multifunction, multilanguage keypad £212.38

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