Three Phase Line Chokes

Three phase line choke. Connected in the mains supply to the inverter. This will help to reduce harmonics that are caused when the mains is rectified to create a DC link. They will also reduce the peak currents drawn by the inverter or other device. They also help to protect the input rectifier from some mains problems. Harmonics can cause premature failure of input rectifiers and phase correction capacitors.

Specification and prices below:

Typical Inverter Power Model Number Description Unit Price
0.4kW, 0.75kW, 1.5kW CHO-R-4A0-LINE 7.51mH 3ph 3.9A Contact us
for pricing and
2.2kW CHO-R-6A0-LINE 4.90mH 3ph 6.0A
3.0kW, 4.0kW CHO-R-10A-LINE 2.94mH 3ph 10A
5.5kW CHO-R-16A-LINE 1.84mH 3ph 16A
7.5kW, 11kW CHO-R-25A-LINE 1.18mH 3ph 25A
15kW, 18.5kW CHO-R-40A-LINE 0.46mH 3ph 40A
22kW CHO-R-50A-LINE 0.37mH 3ph 50A
30kW CHO-R-60A-LINE 0.31mH 3ph 60A
37kW CHO-R-80A-LINE 0.23mH 3ph 80A
45kW CHO-R-100A-LINE 0.18mH 3ph 100A
55kW CHO-R-120A-LINE 0.15mH 3ph 120A
75kW, 90kW CHO-R-160A-LINE 0.11mH 3ph 160A
110kW CHO-R-200A-LINE 0.09mH 3ph 200A
132kW CHO-R-250A-LINE 0.07mH 3ph 250A
160kW CHO-R-300A-LINE 0.06mH 3ph 300A

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