Motor Chokes

Three phase motor choke. Connected in the inverter output circuit between the inverter and the motor. This will help to reduce reflected waves, often caused by long or multiple motor cables. Reflected waves can damage the inverter output devices and cause greater RFI (radio frequency interference), this may cause any RFI filter fitted to be damaged. Motor chokes are recommended for all inverter application, regardless of motor cable length, for motor cable lengths of 30m or more motor chokes should be very seriously considered.

Specification and prices below:

Typical Inverter Power
@ 400V Three Phase
Model Number Description Unit Price
0.4kW, 0.75kW, 1.5kW CHO-R-5A0-MOT 2.0mH 3ph 5.0A Contact us
for pricing and
2.2kW, 3.0kW CHO-R-8A0-MOT 4.1mH 3ph 8.0A
4.0kW CHO-R-11A-MOT 3.0mH 3ph 11A
5.5kW, 7.5kW CHO-R-16A-MOT 1.5mH 3ph 16A
11kW, 15kW, 18.5kW CHO-R-35A-MOT 1.0mH 3ph 35A
22kW CHO-R-50A-MOT 0.6mH 3ph 50A
30kW CHO-R-63A-MOT 0.5mH 3ph 63A
37kW CHO-R-80A-MOT 0.5mH 3ph 80A
45kW CHO-R-100A-MOT 0.45mH 3ph 100A
55kW, 75kW CHO-R-150A-MOT 0.35mH 3ph 150A
90kW CHO-R-180A-MOT 0.30mH 3ph 180A
110kW CHO-R-220A-MOT 0.20mH 3ph 220A
132kW CHO-R-260A-MOT 0.15mH 3ph 260A

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